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IMPORTANT NOTE: OK Classics Requires a $10 entry fee for all auction attendees. In order to bid on vehicles in this sale, a $500 deposit or a current Bank Letter of Guarantee (click here for the bank letter sample) is required prior to registration. A Bank Letter of Guarantee is also required if paying for a vehicle by check. Please visit BallAuction.bid for specific information required on the Bank Letter.

LOCATION: The Firelake Arena, 18045 Old Rangeline Rd., Shawnee, OK. From the intersection of Hwy 177 & Hardesty Rd., South of Shawnee, go ¾ miles East on Hardesty to Rangelilne Rd, then South on Rangeline.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Long-time collector & automotive enthusiast, Jerry O’Connor, and many of his friends, have decided to host another auction event. Come join us at the Firelake Arena for a full day of fun & excitement!

Automotive, Oil & Gas, Country Store, Beer Signs, Neons & Collectibles from investment grade to Man Cave.

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1969 Chevy Camaro Z28



1999 Pontiac Firebird

1994 Chevy Corvette

1968 Ford Galaxie

2000 Chevy Camaro SS

1969 Chevy Chevell SS

1970 GMC LWB

1951 Chevy 5-window pickup

1950 Ford Deluxe 2-door

1971 Volvo 1700 Series

1972 Chevy LWB

1964 Chevy Corvette

1977 MGB Roadster

1938 Ford Streetrod

1950 Ford Deluxe Custom 2-door

1954 Chevy 5-window pickup

1986 GMC SWB

1994 Chevy Sportside Ex. Cab

2009 Yamaha V-Star

1950 Ford

1957 Mercury 2-door hardtop

1959 Ford Galaxie

1960 Ford Thunderbird

1960 F100 pickup

2002 Chevy S-10

1950 Mercury 2-door hardtop

1978 Toyota Landcruiser

1979 Pontiac Trans Am

Ford Cobra

1972 Chevy swb

1985 GMC swb

1994 Mercedes 500 sl

1930 Ford Wrecker

1975 MGB roadster

1963 Buick Lesabre

2002 Ford Thunderbird

2008 Porsche Boxter

2013 Maserati


Monroe Shock/Struts SST, 24x18

Historic Route 66 OK SST, 24x30

Ih Genuine Parts DSP, 24x20

Lufkin Cast Iron, 22x6.5

Sinclair Danger SSP, 20x8

Lufkin SSP, 22x6.5

Lufkin SSP, 22x6.5

Ceco SSP, 18x6

Oilwell SST, 24x6

Bethelehem SST, 21x5

Kendall Motor Oil DST, 35x24

Stop For Pedestrians SST, 18x24

Interstate 5 SST, 24x24

Interstate 10 SST, 24x24

Bank Americard DST, 40x29

Mobil Gas DSP, 30'

Coca Cola Tray SST, 15x1`2.5

ND 17 SST, 24x24

Amcot SSP, 17x6.5

2 SST, 17x17

No Parking SSP, 20x14

Citgo SSP, 36x18

Goodwill Ndn Head SSP, 24x24

10 SST, 24x18

Texaco Atkinson SSP, 36x12

Texaco Hotulke SSP, 36x12

Texaco Damron SSP , 36x12

Member Texas/Southwestern DSP, 20x12

Stage Riders SSP, 20x5

Poultry Producers SSP , 12x7

Coca Cola Thermo SST, 17x5

Wardhotel Thermo SST, 13x4

Farber Thermo SST, 13x4

Green Thermo SST, 8.5x3

Rexall Thermo Plastic, 8x2

Farmers Co-Op Thermo Plastic, 8x4

Winston Thermo SST, 13.5x 6

Goodyear Foot SSP, 31x10

Michelin Light-Up, 7x5

Michelin Watch Dog Ceramic Bobble Head, 6x5.5

Pepsicola Clock Plastic, 20x13.5

Postage Stamp Machine Hds, 18x6.5x6

Black Phone Antique, 5.5x9x4

Taxi Meter Metal, 6.5x8.5x4

Yellow Cab Light, 21x6.5x7

Route 66 Metal, 24x21x2

Bush Neon Light, 33x16x5

Camel Light Wood/Plastic, 36x15x4

Miller Beer Neon Light, 27x21x7

Camel Light Wood/Plastic, 23x13x4

Royal Crown Cola Clock Light, 18x18x2

Texaco Light, 47x48x6

Truckdoor Black 66 Light-Up, 32x48x3.5

Truckdoor Green 66 Light-Up, 32x48x3.5

Route 66 Wood, 48x35.5x3.5

KM Light-Up, 52x34x6

Valvoline Light-Up, 40x34x5.5

Welcome Lynn Hickey Light, 25x26x6

Phillips 66 Light, 32x32x7

Miller High Life , 12x7

Michelob Light, 15'

Michelob Hanging 3 Sided Light, 16x24x16

Sw Bell Light-Up, 20x21x7

Porland Cement SSP, 4x6.5

Eskimo Pie Paper, 10x8

Dairy Queen SSP, 11x9

Texhoma Gas SSP, 8'

Eskimo Face SSP, 6'

Ok Ethyl SSP, 12'

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cone SSP, 9x22

Alfa Romero Milano SSP, 12'

City Service Light Up, 35x30x6

Budweiser Light Up Plastic, 5ftx29x12

Penzoil Light Up Wood/Plastic, 62.5x37x5.5

Piggly Wiggly Light Up Plastic Metal, 77z70x8.5

Pegasus Wall Hanger Light Up Metal/Wood, 26x17x12

Mobilgas Wall Hanger Light Up Metal Wood, 22x14x12

Yale Gearbox Pulley

Railroad Light

Parking Meter Duncan Metal 5,10 Cents, 14x14x62

Route 66 Gas Pump Green/ Wayne,

Phillips 66 Gas Pump Model 36 Tall Tokem 15' Globe

Texaco Neon 36 ' Round

Shell Golbe 13' Metal Base

Phillips 66 Oil Lubester

Mobil Oil Canw/Cart Lubester

Mobil Oil Can Filler

Mpbil Oil Can

Model Airplane W/Remote Gas Engine, 52' wingspn

Sinclaiir Light Up Embossed, 59x60x5.5

Phillips 66 Mpdel 36 Tall Tokem 15' Globe

Gulf Gas Pump S/W 30 1965

1965 Honda 50 C10

KM 5 Gallon Oil Can

Conoco 5 Gallon Can

Arkla 5 Gallon Can

Phillips 5 Gallon Can

ATT Light Up

7.5 Hp Montgomery Ward Boat Engine

Coca Cola Bottle Machine W/ Fountain

Schlitz Neon SSP


Super Chevy SSP neon 28x34 by Walker

Harley Davidson old logo 4ftx12ft


Terms: A 9% buyer's premium will apply to vehicle purchases. A 10% buyer’s premium will apply to all other merchandise. Full settlement day of sale. OK Classics requires a current Bank Letter of Guarantee or a $500 deposit on hand for vehicle bidding registration. All buyers must register with a current driver's license. Bring a copy of your tax exemption number or tax will be collected. Payment may be made by cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or check with a Bank Letter of Guarantee. CLICK HERE for the Bank Letter of Guarantee sample/details. Any announcement made day of auction shall supersede any previous advertisement or statement and prevail as the final terms and conditions.

Although the information published herein is from sources deemed reliable, the Auction Company does not warrant the accuracy, genuineness, authenticity, condition, description, age, count or measure of any of the lots specified herein. Prospective buyers should satisfy themselves by personal inspection as to the condition and authenticity of each lot. Statements made by Auctioneer and/or staff of Auctioneer are opinions only and should not be construed as statements of fact. Titles & automobile transactions will be handled by OK Classics of Shawnee, OK. The auction will be controlled by the Auction Company and they reserve the right to add lots, consolidate lots, break down lots, or delete lots. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bids. The Auction Company reserves the right to enter bids on behalf of approved absentee bidders. Each and every decision made by the Auctioneer regarding the conducting of this auction shall be final and without liability to any party.

Owners: Jerry O’Connor & Friends

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