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LIBRARY: What Bidders Can Expect

  • Each bidder is required to register for a bidder's number the day of the sale with a valid, legal identification.  If you arrive without ID, we can register you if another registered bidder will vouch for your identity AND you have 2 items with your full name and address on them. 

  • If you have tax exempt status, you must provide us a copy of your certificate or card when registering for the sale or we WILL charge you tax. The Oklahoma Tax Commission is very clear on this and they do stop in on auctions to verify that auctioneers are following the laws in this regard.  The tax exempt certificate must match the registered name of the bidder.  

  • Our auctioneer will include important information in the announcements; including: introduction of the seller, sale route, when items must be removed from the premises, and whether we have access to equipment for loading heavy items, among other things.

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  • With a few exceptions, we generally do not tag or “lot” items in our sales. The team will set up the merchandise to be sold in sale order and establish a route prior to sale day. We will then follow that route on sale day moving along through the items as we sell them.  

  • Our ring men will indicate what item is being sold by holding it up or pointing to it; and our auctioneer will describe what is being sold before the bidding starts. 

  • Once the auctioneer says “Sold” the item becomes the responsibility of the successful bidder. 

  • Full settlement is required the day of the auction, at the conclusion of the auction, types of accepted payment vary by auction. The payment types accepted for a specific sale will be listed in the terms of the sale on the website and on the auction flier. 

  • A concessions company will be onsite for food and beverages.

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