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LIBRARY: What Sellers Can Expect

When time and money matter most, you can trust Ball Auction Service to handle your auction in a professional and efficient manner. We have a driven team of auction professionals ready to go to work for you with a time-tested proven process. 

For nearly 50 consecutive years we have provided an invaluable combination of knowledge, experience, and technology to our buyers and sellers.  While we draw on the experience we’ve earned from conducting hundreds and hundreds of auctions - we don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach to anything. We customize our entire process to your specific auction with one goal - putting the most money possible in your pocket.

Our commission rate is one of the variables. The rate varies based on the type of sale and amount of labor and materials involved in preparing for and conducting the auction, among other things. Please call the office to speak with one of our auctioneers to get a commission rate quote for your specific auction needs.  We will need quite a few details to quote your sale accurately; including: merchandise to be sold (be specific), location of items relative to sale location, reason for the sale (business liquidation, estate, moving, divorce), and your timeframe.

For each auction, we design a complete advertising and promotion plan, which involves:

  • auction fliers/brochures

  • print advertisements in a variety of publications

  • comprehensive Internet promotion


We will provide you with specific things you need to do, or have done for you, to best prepare your property and site (when applicable) for the auction. 

We inventory and photograph your items for use in marketing your sale, we will research specific items as necessary to best market them; and professional graphic designers will prepare materials for print and web. We arrange for concessions and other professional services needed on sale day. Our auctioneers set up the sale lots and set the auction route prior to sale day. This includes boxing, bagging, and combining items and creating rows for the sale route.   

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE MAIN "LIBRARY" PAGE for more resources, articles, and videos. 

You receive a marketing activity report that includes:

  • a summary of our direct mail campaign – how many fliers were printed and how many were mailed to bidders in our extensive database. 

  • a copy of each print ad that was placed along with the publication name and date

  • a detailed report of online marketing as it relates to your specific sale, including social media impressions and website traffic statistics

  • We balance the sale on sale day and can give you an estimated gross at the sale’s conclusion. Our formal accounting process ensures accuracy of settlement and we provide detailed reports (item by item and expense by expense) when we settle the sale, usually within 2 weeks for personal property. Real Estate auctions are generally settled at closing.


Want to know more? THIS is just the tip of the iceberg!  Give us a call at 405-258-1511 and speak with John Ball or Justin Ball to discuss your specific needs.


“We compared proposals and selected Ball Auction Service for the sale of our property. They gave us confidence with a proven process. If I had more property, I'd do it again! My relatives say they will do the same when the time comes.”

Floyd & Mary Scott


“Having the auction was an easy process. It saved me time and effort and went exactly like John said it would. Frankly, it brought more money than I expected it to.  If I had it to do over again, I would make the same decision. ”

Norman Rubenstein


"We have a lot of previous auction experience - some good, some not so good. With the "Ball Bunch" it's always been good and we definitely recommend their services whether you need to sell real estate or personal property."

The Baileys


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